Our Process

Our process begins with the most important factor concerning your retirement – YOU!

Let’s face it, everybody’s different; your plans and goals for the future may be completely different from that of your friends and colleagues. Over the past 30 years of working with employees, we’ve learned how to take our clients through the process of retirement in a systematic, but customized manner.

Your pre-retirement meetings are free and without obligation. Let us help you get to retirement!

Four Steps to Success

Step One: Discovery
During our initial discovery meeting, we’ll get to know you and your family and your goals for the future. We’ll review your preliminary numbers and discuss what retirement might look like for you. But we’ll also address your most immediate needs: whether that is reducing debt, increasing your savings, or rebalancing your investments to reduce risk.

Step Two: Strategy
This step begins the first of several strategy meetings designed to put a finer point on your retirement. We’ll review many of the financial topics designed to help you retire successfully:

  • Pension and 401(k): We’ll review your company-provided estimates and determine if you can retire now, or if you should wait awhile longer.
  • Taxes: We’ll review ways to reduce your post-retirement tax bill.
  • Social Security: You’ll be provided with a strategy that you and your spouse can use to potentially add thousands of dollars in lifetime income to your Social Security benefits.
  • Pre-retirement Investment Strategy: We’ll help you develop an investment strategy appropriate for your retirement date.
  • Estate Plan: We’ll review your overall estate plan and help you identify potential pitfalls. We’ll call on the expertise of CPA’s, attorney’s, and other professionals when such services are necessary.
  • Pre 59 ½ income planning: If you are forced to make a retirement decision before age 59 ½, we’ll help design an income program that can allow you to avoid the 10% tax penalty for early withdrawals.

Step Three: Refinement
As your retirement date draws closer, we’ll refine our estimates and modify your goal projections as necessary. We’ll finalize a portfolio strategy that is appropriate for you.

Step Four: Implementation
This is the day you’ve been waiting for! When we implement your plan, we’ll help you order your commencement package and explain the elections the company will require you to make.

This is just a beginning! It looks like a lot to think about – and it is – but we’ll follow our process and be there to help guide you all the way through.

Our Commitment

We are committed to serving retirees and their heirs with our Premium Customer Service experience.

Our Clients

Our clients come from just about every department at the company, and spread throughout the country.