Already Retired?

Are you already retired? Congratulations! We hope you are enjoying the benefits of years of hard work with the company. Now that you've had some time to think about your post-retirement needs, you might be ready for a review of your strategy.


Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • I’ve tried to manage my retirement account myself and have found that I would rather spend time with my family and enjoying my hobbies rather than worrying about the daily fluctuations of the stock market or the direction of the economy.
  • I am currently using Vanguard to manage my account, but I just don’t feel like I get the attention I need from the call center.
  • I am working with another financial advisor, but I have concerns about the risk exposure of my investments or the returns I’m receiving on my account.
  • I feel like my fees are too high.

If you find yourself asking these questions, we can help you, too! Our Post Retirement Strategy Meeting will include the following:

  •  We’ll get to know you and your goals for the future.
    Everyone is different, so we’ll tailor a strategy just right for you.
  •  Analyze your current portfolio.
    If it’s appropriate for you – well tell you! But if we uncover some pitfalls, we’ll point those out to you, too.
  •  Examine your annual withdrawals
    We’ll explain how your future income might be impacted by your current withdrawal strategy.
  •  Analyze your Social Security
    If you have not already applied for Social Security, we’ll analyze your benefits and provide some advice as to how you can potentially maximize your income.
  •  We will never pressure you to sell your Chevron stock!We realize that many of our clients like to hold varying amounts of company stock. We’ll point out our observations of your current holdings and offer some thoughtful advice along the way.

Have questions? Give us a call at (800) 236-9549, or use the form below to send an immediate message to us!

Can’t make it to any of our California locations?

No problem! Many of our clients live outside of California, but that hasn’t prevented us from providing them our Premium Customer Service Experience! We’ll arrange for a secured way to send the documents we need to review and meet in a manner that you feel comfortable with, whether that is by telephone or video conferencing.