Are You Entitled to a Getty Pension?

If you worked for Getty Oil before 1985, you may be entitled to a pension from the company.

Pension Financial Group has been assisting employees in the oil and gas industry to understand their benefits since 1987. We can help you locate a forgotten pension and assist you with completing the documents so that you can begin receiving your benefit.

Pension Options

If eligible, you may be provided several options for receiving your pension payout. Among them include:

Single Life Annuity

This is the normal form of payment for a single member. You will receive monthly payments during your lifetime. Payments will stop upon your death. This option generally results in a higher monthly benefit.

Joint and Survivor Annuity

Joint and survivor pensions will make a single monthly payment to both you and your spouse that continues until the death of both individuals. This could mean that the company will have to pay benefits longer than if a single life pension was elected and therefore would result in a smaller monthly payment.

Term Certain

This type of pension payment generally pays less than a single-life annuity but is guaranteed for the first 10 years (120 months). If you die during the first 10 years, any remaining payments would continue to be paid to your beneficiary. If you die after 120 months, all payments stop.

What Do Our Services Include?

Hiring Pension Financial Group to research your pension includes:

An Initial Telephone Conference

We will assess your circumstances and collect the necessary information to determine your potential eligibility for a pension. We will collect pertinent information necessary to engage our services and investigate your benefits.

Conference Call

Utilizing the resources and contacts we’ve made over the years, we will initiate a conference call with the necessary companies and departments that will confirm whether a pension exists for you.


We will consult with you concerning the various pension options available to you and help you determine which irrevocable option is best for you and your family.

Document Preparation

We will complete the documentation necessary to elect your benefit.


We will monitor the progress of your claim until your receive your first month’s payment.

Professional Fees

This service is free of charge to existing clients of our Capital Asset Management Program (CAMP) who maintain a minimum account balance of $250,000.

For those who are not clients of our CAMP program, not to worry – we can help you, too. The maximum fee you will pay for our research services is $499.00.

What if you are not entitled to a benefit?

Unfortunately, since there is no way to determine whether you are entitled to a benefit without a considerable amount of work from our staff, we are unable to provide a refund if we uncover that no pension exists.

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